Context of the Moore Family Blog

Below is the family of Samuel Moore (1814-1893). He had seventeen children, over 150 grandchildren, and over 500 great grandchildren. The story of our family is quite lengthy, but deserves to be told in a manner that we can pass on to our posterity.

First phase:

Over the coming months, I will be doing a blog entry on each of the children of Samuel Moore, their spouses and families. We have completed blog entries for the first three children and have several more to go.

Second phase:

After all the children are covered, I will go back and write entries on the ancestry of each of the children's spouses.

Third phase:

After all the children and their spouses are covered, I will be writing blog entries on each of the 150+ grandchildren and their children. This chart is a reference point to keep track of where we are in the story.  Somewhere in there, I will also cover the ancestry of Samuel Moore (1814-1893) and the ancestry of his two wives, Thursa Hardin (1820-ca. 1862) and Mary Elizabeth Maynard (1837-1915)

Hope you enjoy!  Feel free to share a link to these stories on social media and to comment in the below comments section!

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